energy management

| November 26, 2014

energy management

You will do a number of these so get comfortable with the idea of calling strangers who can give you valuable information which may lead to employment. One never knows

– right? The Video specifically says to interview someone from a utility but don’t limit yourself to just utilities. Extend your reach to include some who is doing

what you think you would like to do.
The point is for you to become familiar with the demand-side energy business and there is no better way than to speak with folks who are working in the industry.
So here’s the deal.
I want you to find and interview someone who works in the demand-side sector of the energy industry and ask him/her about his/her job. Here are a few suggestions as to

what you might ask.
Please describe your daily routine?
What do you like about your job?
What do you dislike about your job?
What is the ratio of office work to field work? In other words, how much time do you spend in the office compared to being out working in buildings?
You can ask about compensation if you phrase the question correctly. Like, “Generally, what is the starting compensation and benefits package at this utility/company”?

Do not ask about his/her compensation – its rude!
Get the drift? You can ask what you like but please include some of the suggested questions.
The process is to call the target (kidding). Use Mr., Ms. until asked to use a first name. Tell the target (again with the kidding) that as part of an online class in

energy management you are interested in interviewing him/her. Ask for about 20 minutes of their time and expect to stay longer. We all like talking about ourselves –

they are no different. Please keep the time in mind and as 20 minutes gets close let them know that you asked for 20 minutes and the time to end is getting close.
Thank them very much for their time. Ask for a business card, leave one of yours if you have one. This next recommendation is very important so I’ll shout it. SEND A

THANK YOU NOTE. That’s right, the lost art of the simple thank you note will permanently emboss you in their mind. This courtesy will place you firmly in you target’s

network and thus, you begin yournetwork.
Write up your interview providing the person’s name, the person’s utility, and then person’s position. Then, please write a summary of your interview – no longer than

a page. double space, 10-12 point font.
The first of your two informational interviews is due in approximately two weeks so if you have questions please ask them soon so you have plenty of time to get the

interview done. Have fun!
You need to finish up 2 different interviews, with the same questions, but different people working in different energy management unities, in Eugene, Oregon.


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