Empowering users in health and social care

| August 26, 2015

Empowering users in health and social care

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On day 3of the induction your manager is concerned that some of the new recruits appear unaware of the need to manage and monitor potential risks to service users within the setting. The manager has asked you to produce a report
for this phase of the induction.
What you must do
Use a case study to:
1.identify the extent to which individu
als are at risk of harm
.eg. risks: from harm, from abuse, from failure to protect.

2.analyse the effectiveness of policies,procedures and managerial approach within a health
or social care setting for promoting the management of risks Effective management of risks: relevant legislatio.acceptable and unacceptable risks, national service standard, assessing and recoreding risks, complaints procedures,whistleblowing policy

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