Employee selection (talent management )

| August 26, 2015

Employee selection (talent management )

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The essay must be word-processed using size 12 Times New Roman font and 1.5 or double line spacing. Accuracy in spelling, syntax, citations and referencing (Harvard style) is essential. Students are also reminded of the extremely serious view of the University with regard to plagiarism and are strongly advised to read the university’s policies on academic integrity and the penalties associated with academic misconduct (as noted in this document). Plagiarism detection and prevention software (i.e., Turnitin) is used in the University to aid in identifying possible incidences of plagiarism in assignments. Assignments may be forwarded to – and subsequently added to the database of – the Turnitin facility for the purpose of plagiarism detection.
Assignments must be accompanied by an ‘Assignment Cover Sheet’, which may be downloaded from the following website: <http://www.swinburne.edu.au/student- administration/docs/student/Cover_sheet_for_submission_of_work_for_assessment.pdf>. Further details on the submission will be provided during classes.
The assignment should reflect the principles of scholarly work and students must demonstrate that adequate research has been undertaken. The essay must include reference to a minimum of ten academic journal articles, in addition to other possible materials.

Topic :
. Discuss the relevance and use of assessment centres in employee selection. What can management in organisations do to ensure that their use of assessment centres is valuable for selecting employees? Provide examples where appropriate.

Essay Assessment Criteria
• Rigour in discussion and analysis of the topic ?
• Use of information (including evidence-based research and examples) ?
• Application of theories/concepts dealt with in the topic or subject ?
• Citation to a minimum of 10 academic journals in addition to other sources (e.g., our ?textbook) as evidence of appropriate research for the paper ?
• Ability to present an articulate, coherent and well-presented paper. Clear expression, style, ?punctuation and use of the Harvard system of referencing are expected. Inadequate or inaccurate referencing may result in a fail grade for this assessment item and/or the unit. ?

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