Effects of inflation on the demand of wheat in the united states

| April 23, 2014

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I would like to add extra work on previous order, and I will upload the previous work and the proposal of my research. the previous work focus on how is the inflation effects on the demand of wheat. I would like to add three more variables which is effect to in the demand of wheat sic as the equipment prices, The real domestic prices of wheat, the Gross national product per capita during 10 years period ($), the production value of wheat. find data for the new variables and add it to the previous regression and fixed my equation that shows in the proposal. Then, start to follow the fowling points. report should be with 1” margins
Brief Introduction – Discuss and flesh out the motivation for the economic relationship you are estimating in this paper. While you do not have to go into lengthy discussions about the underlying economic theory, it should be sufficiently detailed so the relationship you are estimating is made clear to the reader. In this section, you should include a short discussion of the literature.
Data Description – Give a brief discussion of the data and how/where they were collected. At the minimum, you should note the time range of the data, scales of the data (i.e., data in millions of dollars or thousands of tons, etc.), and any notable events that may be applicable to your data set (such as change in corporate ownership or natural disasters, etc.). Also, you should describe the institutional setting of your data. E.g., you should discuss the business with an eye towards how some unique industry practices might have an impact on the specific data that you had collected. Also include a table of basic descriptive statistics for your data. Your description of the data would surely be aided by carefully drawn charts of your data.
Regression Model and Results – Carefully develop your regression model. You must support your model with a “story” of why the right hand side variables you include are important and/or with the support of the relevant economic theory (including your hypotheses). Report your regression results in an equation form (see the textbook for how this is done) or a table form. Be sure to report all relevant statistics: coefficient estimates, standard error, R2, various test statistics, etc.
Discussion and Diagnostic Tests – Carry out all appropriate “goodness of fit” tests and briefly discuss the “fit” of your regression equation. Which form is the preferred: linear or log-linear? Explain your conclusion. Finally, carefully describe what your empirical results are telling you about your hypothesized economic relationship that you had outlined in part a.
Conclusion – What does your regression tell you about the demand in the industry? What more can be done in the future?
Appendix (at minimum include excel spreadsheet printout of the regression(s), other possibilities include data description, data sources, etc.)
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