Education and Income

| December 27, 2014

Education and Income

2nd Term Paper Instructions

The second term paper is a continuation of the first paper you wrote. This paper will basically be the last two sections of the first paper you completed. The two

sections will be:

To complete this section, you will need to follow these steps:

Open the data file (in this folder) for the dependent variable you chose
Find the data charts that look at the relationship between your independent variables and the dependent variable you discussed in the first paper
Analyze the data – decide if the data supports or fails to support your hypotheses
Draft the Results and Conclusion sections
Results Section

The Results section will be used for you to communicate the results from the survey that pertain to your questions. More specifically, you will detail the results that

pertain to the three or more questions you included in your "Method" section in the previous paper.

The Results section is simply where you review the results – you do not need to interpret or speculate about the meaning of the results in this section, just provide a

summary of the data.

Length: 1/2 of a page or greater

Conclusion Section

The Conclusion section is where you explain your data relative to the hypotheses proposed. For every hypothesis you proposed in your first paper, there will be one of

two outcomes:

The data supports the hypothesis: This will happen when the survey results support the hypothesis you originally proposed.
The data does not support the hypothesis: This will occur when the data either does not support the relationship you proposed, or is contrary to it (such as when the

opposite of what you expect occurs).
For each of your hypotheses, you will want to address whether the data supports or fails to support that idea. You will want to go into some detail here – tell me

specifically why you think it does or does not, utilizing the numbers provided in the results section.


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