E-commerce Final paper

| April 23, 2014

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Research Paper Format to be five (5) or more pages, double spaced, utilizing a minimum of five (5) journal articles to explore on a topic that relates to business.
Hello, I am doing a class in E-commerce I have a final paper that must include
5 page minimum
5 trusted references( please make sure it is trusted sources they use turn it in)
Choose the topic about any company you feel satisfied with, services, compare, history. 5 quotations are required + do not forget to give credit to author.
Also Please make sure to identify These areas need to be identified:
1- Marketing on the web
2- E-commerce software. For example: ESP, data base, back-end
The book used must be the one below with the same edition please
If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask
Book used:
Electronic Commerce, 10th Edition ISBN-10: 1133526829?ISBN-13: 9781133526827?Gary Schneider, Cengage Learning
(Make sure same version please)
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