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The attached text lists categories of e-commerce ‘enablers’ and various example companies for each category. Choose one of the companies listed and in a 500 words supported essay describe the key factor in their website that qualifies them as this type of enabler.

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1 Laureate Online Education eCommerce © All rights reserved, 2000 – 2011. The eCommerce module, in all its parts: syllabus, guidelines, lectures, discussion questions, technical notes, images, projects and any additional material is copyrighted by Laureate Online Education B.V. Seminar for Week 2: eCommerce Business Models Topics: Readings: Chapters 2 and 9 Key components of different EC models; Describe major B2B and B2C models plus emerging areas of EC; key concepts and EC strategies. Online retail sector environment; analyzing the viability of an online firm; major features of the online service sector, including career services; and online financial services trends. Models, Enablers & Strategies More important than ‘Do you Tweet?’ is the question ‘Can I produce revenue and profits from your tweeting?’ As the Chapter 2 opening case study shows (Laudon & Traver, 2011, pg. 63) Twitter.com has not yet proven the ability to produce revenue for Twitter, only the ability to raise capital. Your course long projects for this course will need to demonstrate an ability to produce revenue and, thereby, profits. As you read this week’s lecture and readings, be sure to consider what kind of eCommerce business will be able to meet all the criteria of the rubric (eg, it has to need a shopping cart). Brainstorm with classmates your ideas for an eCommerce business. The formulation of a comprehensive eCommerce strategy is a critical success factor for companies trying to compete in the global economy. This seminar addresses the following questions: • What are the key components of a business model? Are the components for an eCommerce business model the same as for a traditional business model? • What are the primary revenue models for eCommerce? Are revenue models determined by the types of eCommerce the businesses are in? • Are there products and services best suited for eCommerce, and if so, what are they? • What are the important products and vendors that serve to support and…


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