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In teams of two, you are to produce a website incorporating a blog (using your own choice of ISP
and blog provider), which will promote a food business in Essex. This could be restaurants, food
wholesalers, market gardeners, cooking products etc. You will need to choose a specific business
model: Consumer to Consumer, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Government to
Consumer, and develop your website and blog accordingly. You need to think about how the front
end of the blog /website plays an important part in pulling in clients/users, how it engages with
them, and ultimately how to keep them returning and buying from your site!
The team is to undertake a presentation of up to 10-15 minutes of your web, blog site and explain
the business rational behind the development based upon the production documents your team have
created. The presentations will occur in Weeks 11 & 12.
When designing your website & blog you should think about the following criteria:
? The aesthetic appeal of the website and blog, use of colour/font/logo and layout.
? How you have used the blog to sell/offer lifestyle interest/focus on personalization or
providing a unique user experience, and how it will channel potential buyers to the website.
? How you have used search engine optimization
? How secure your site is and how to protect it against fraud
? Ease of use
? That you have considered customer behaviour and how advertising and marketing affects it
? Customer service
? How well you and your work are presented
? How you would launch your site
? Have you complied with regulations and thought about the ethical implications of your site

You are also to write an individual report, which will explain how you have developed your
contribution to the business model / plan, the website and accompanying blog / collaboration, and
how you have used appropriate models to underpin your design and e-business strategy, bearing in
mind the above criteria.
This should be well referenced and contain selected screen dumps of your work in progress and
reference to existing blog sites which have influenced your decisions. Again supported by the
production paper work created during the development process. the work is to write a 2,500 report ,on an african food market website,,you can have a look at the blog to help with the report. http://afrifoodmarket.blogspot.com .let me know if you need any more informations.Thanks

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