Domain 2 of the NMC (2008) Standards for learning and assessment in practice asks mentors to ‘Facilitate learning for a range of students, within a particular area of practice where appropriate, encouraging self-management of learning opportunities

| April 8, 2014

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In order to achieve this the Stage 2 Mentor should consider the following:
• use knowledge of the student’s stage of learning to select appropriate learning opportunities to meet individual needs
• facilitate the selection of appropriate learning strategies to integrate learning from practice and academic experience
• support students in critically reflecting upon their learning experiences in order to enhance future learning
Critically discuss how mentors can effectively facilitate learning for students in clinical practice taking into consideration two of the three statements above.
Your essay should provide supporting evidence for your analysis and should link to the literature that you have read. In order to develop your writing skills, it is crucial that you can articulate, critically analyse, and then based on your discussion, select appropriate literature which relates to your chosen topic. The way that you structure your assignment is very important. When planning your essay, you will need to remember that it should include an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
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