Do Family Medicine doctors have the same results as Specialists (Endocrinologist) for diabetic Patients

| April 6, 2014

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Is the care given by different physician types, for a diabetes patient, significantly different between a family physician, an internal medicine specialist or an endocrinologist? Does the specialist care lead to better outcomes for patients, better adherence to medication, better care continuation, and does it lower diabetes risk related behavior? Do specialists reduce the risk of comorbidities? want to make sure that we don’t already know the answer and that you are addressing a significant gap in knowledge and contributing to the literature. Are there any some studies have already looked at this? what they have done and how the study tells us something more/new. our conceptual framework for the paper should lay out all the important factors that contribute to your outcome variables. Some factors will be your independent variables of interest (specialist type and other provider characteristics) and others will be confounding variables that you will need to control for in your study design (e.g. patient characteristics). You also need to lay out the specific hypotheses that you wish to test which are justified by the literature and/or your conceptual framework.
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