Do African Americans have a higher voter turnout during Presidential Elections

| August 26, 2015

Do African Americans have a higher voter turnout during Presidential Elections

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The final project for this course is the creation of a research study. Anyone seeking to pursue a career in political science must have knowledge of basic quantitative

methods used in the discipline. These methods are central to academic research in political science, and, over the past several decades, have taken on an increasing

role in the real world of political practice. Public policy advocacy, political campaigns, and polling firms all rely on quantitative methods to gauge public opinion,

to propose legislation, and to run successful election campaigns.
Your research study will address a gap in knowledge regarding a contemporary political issue for a specific target audience, and it will propose a solution for

addressing the identified political science gap. You should approach framing the research study as if you were presenting your findings to a specific political

audience (e.g., a think tank, nonprofit, government agency, academic publication).
The project is divided into four milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions.

These milestones will be submitted in Modules Three, Five, Six, and Seven. The final submission will occur in Module Ten.
This assessment will evaluate your mastery with respect to the following course outcomes:
? Analyze data-collection techniques for their appropriateness and applicability in diverse research scenarios in political science
? Apply ethical standards to the development of original research designs for scientific inquiry involving human subjects
? Design empirical research projects that address contemporary political issues
? Evaluate statistical data sets from published primary academic sources for relevant information in supporting proposed political change
? Test hypothesized bivariate and multivariate relationships in political science using appropriate statistical techniques
? Make inferences about contemporary political issues through the interpretation of statistical analysis results
? Communicate results in a format consistent with political science research guidelines
Your research study should answer the following prompt: What political changes are likely to emerge as a result of a statistical analysis on a contemporary
issue in political science?
For this project, you will develop an original research study that should begin with a discussion of your research question and include an evaluative review of the

existing literature on the topic you have selected. Informed by your literature review, you will propose a testable hypothesis examining a relationship between an

independent variable and a dependent variable. You will also account for any control variables that you believe will affect your first-order relationship.
Based on the variables, relevant data will be selected from an existing data set. Your hypothesis will then be tested in order to determine the strength and
?statistical significance of your model. The findings will be used to draw conclusions about how your results could inform future research and be used to effect change

with regard to the contemporary political issue you chose to examine.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Research Question
A. What is your research question? Explain the research question�s relevance to real-world political science practice.
B. Who is your target audience for this proposal? Why would your research be relevant for this audience?
C. How will you ensure that your research design conforms to political science ethical standards?
II. Literature Review
A. What methods and techniques have been used to study a similar issue? Were these methods and techniques the most appropriate for this
B. How will your research contribute to the existing body of knowledge in political science? In other words, to which specific fields in the political
science literature will your research design be relevant?
III. Methods
A. What are the valid and reliable conceptual definitions for the independent, dependent, and control variables you plan on studying?
B. What is your testable hypothesized relationship between your independent and dependent variables?
C. Explain and justify the statistical methods used to test your hypothesis.
IV. Results
A. Interpret the results of your data analysis to draw conclusions about the strength and statistical significance of the hypothesized relationships.
B. Support the results of your analysis using appropriate charts and graphs.
C. How do the results of your analysis correspond to your original hypothesis?
V. Implications
A. How have the results of your analysis informed your perspective regarding your research question?
B. What contributions can your results make to the existing body of knowledge in political science in order to inform future research?
C. What implications do your results have for your target audience?
D. What kinds of ethical political change could be effected using the results of your research?

Must use an SPSS Data set to obtain data information for Project and be able to download by me and my professor

Some Sites to find databases: ICPSR site, the Purdue University Libraries guide to political science resources, the Policy Agendas Project

Each Section of the Paper is broken down into Milestones:I will upload each Milestone

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