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| November 9, 2015

Our company has come up with a way to help you get a kick-start to your dissertation writing. We identify with students who don’t have any idea on where to begin when it comes to the dissertation. Therefore, we give you a description of what your dissertation is about, likely questions that you are going to be examining. Some references to theoretical background, research methods to be used and potential outcomes of the study. A proposal also helps the student to get valuable feedback from your supervisor.

Primary or secondary research
At ukchepaessays.com, we can use the different research methods, which are either primary or secondary. These may assist in the investigation stage of a preliminary course. Primary research is the research generated by asking questions, conducting trials and gathering results. The study can take the form of quantitative or qualitative research.
Quantitative research uses a controlled approach, and a hypothesis may be stated. The researcher tries to prove or disprove that hypothesis. The methods used are easy to determine because the data generated mathematically.
Qualitative research is more involved with attitudes and emotions. The statistics do not likely stop at a set of numbers that can be scrutinized. It looks at the whole scenario rather than the separate mechanisms.
Secondary data involves using the information already used by someone else. It involves gathering results from books, journals or the Internet.
We advise on using the latter that is secondary research as it saves time and money as additional requirements such as designing questionnaires, interviews and collecting primary data incur additional costs. However, should you choose the primary method, we’ll agree on the additional costs forthrightly before we start the job.

Word format
We deliver our work in Microsoft Office Word (doc or docs) format. However when submitting you paper instructions include the format you would like you work in, and we will deliver accordingly. Some of the formats we have been asked to deliver are; pdf, rich text format (.rtf), Apple pages and open office writer (.odt)

Qualified Professional Writers
Our writing service had a wide pool of writers with experience in writing across the board and a wide range of topics at different levels be it high school GCSE, diploma, bachelors, masters or Ph.D. We ensure to provide you with the grade that you have requested and if English is not your first language just tell us, and our writers will be able to change their use of language to suit your paper. We also understand that university standards vary globally, and we have writers from all over the world ready to take on your essays. We know it’s vital for our UK customers to have professionals who are conversant with UK standards. The same applies to our clients from Australia and the US who have their work written by our Australian and American writers respectively.

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