| December 8, 2015

After being removed from a wrecked car, a 48 year old patient, Mrs. X has been brought to your hospital emergency room with a fracture of the superior region of the right tibia. Her skin is lacerated in the fracture region. The area is cleaned and the protruding ends of the bones are subjected to being set (internal reduction) and a cast is placed on her leg. The nutrient artery and the periosteum in the tibia is damaged. Mrs. X’s 10 year old son, Z, has a fracture to the growth plate at the distal end of his left femur. The doctor decides to operate and use metal plates and screws to stabilize the injury and then casts it. What type of a compound fracture is it ? tibial plateau or proximal tibial? and for the son as well? Please be specific

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Category: Biology

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