Discussion paper/ case (media)

| August 31, 2015

Discussion paper/ case (media)

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For this assessment task, preservice student teachers discuss a chosen issue or topic within the interest area of family and disability and consider this issue with relevance to a case study of a character from relevant media. Assignment 1 Specific content Use the instructions provided below to structure your final discussion paper. While some of the detail may need to be assumed or invented, appropriate research and justification is needed to ensure that the focus issue (case study) is plausible. 1) Discussion paper/case study (max 200 words) – Concisely introduce the selected media (e.g. film) – Ensure that the body of your discussion addresses all of the following sections 1a. The individual with a disability (550 words) – Brief details of causes and areas of affect. – Propose the potential/possible impact on an individual at different ages and stages of their development as a child e.g. a baby, a toddler, at kindergarten, at school. Include developmental needs, potential strengths or interests, social and medical implications. 2b. The family of an individual with a disability (550 words) – Discuss the plausible impact of the disability or impairment on mothers, fathers, siblings, primary carers and extended family members. Consider positive aspects and challenges that the family might experience (considering practical implications, social and emotional aspects, impact on family dynamics, the uniqueness of families, time of diagnosis e.g. at birth, acquired). – Explore the role of family members/caregivers. 3c. Partnership between families, teachers and the wider community (550 words) – Identify and recommend different types of support the individual may need or benefit from at home, childcare, kindergarten and primary school, community, or other relevant settings. – Investigate and specify ways that teachers and other personnel can support this individual and the family. – Discuss the value of developing a partnership between teachers, the family, and other relevant personnel. 3d. Application to professional values (550 words) – Discuss your understanding of family systems theory as it impacts or might impact on your professional values as an early childhood or primary teacher (considering the strengths and obstacles this new knowledge brings). – Identify the professional values that may affect the building of a professional partnership with a family in which there is a child with a disability (considering the relationship with the child and the parents). – Select examples from your professional or wider experience to illustrate the benefit that your knowledge brings. 2) Format & Referencing, Justification – The discussion paper should use academic writing conventions, including APA referencing (6th ed.), and be clearly structured. Page 9 of 16 – The references should include those noted in your Assignment 1A Annotated Bibliography, set text, course materials and additional literature. – Academic books and peer-reviewed journal articles are expected.

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