Discuss the following question “public spending on education in developing countries: too much or too little?”

| February 25, 2015

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1. Discuss the following question “public spending on education in developing countries: too much or too little?”
In order to discuss efficiently this very broad essay topic, you will have to make several
choices to narrow it down. These choices include (but are not limited to):
– Choice of the level of education discussed in the essay: primary, secondary, higher;
– Choice of the type of country (choice of a country): as we have discussed together, the
modern theory of economic development suggests that “one size doesn’t fit all”;
– Choice of government priority target: e.g. economic growth (short-term, long term),
equality (gender, caste, etc.)
It may be useful to think of this topic as a collection of several sub-questions:
– Do we need (any) public spending on education and if so why?
– Should government spending on education be equally focused on different types of
education or should it be focused on any particular type?
– Should a certain type of education spending be prioritised and under what conditions
(types of countries)?
Please note that you are invited to focus on one or two questions, but not to try and answer
all of them.
Suggested references (inspiration and academic articles):
– Birdsall Nancy, (1996), “Public spending on higher education in developing countries:
Too much or too little?”, Economics of Education Review, Vol.15, Issue 4, pp 407-419.
– Hanushek Eric A., (2013), “Economic growth in developing countries: The role of human
capital”, Economics of Education Review, Vol 37, pp 204–212
– Psacharopoulos George, (2006),” The value of investment in education: Theory,
evidence, and policy”, Journal of Education Finance, 113-136.
– Glewwe Paul and Michael Kremer, (2006), “Schools, teachers, and education outcomes
in developing countries”, Handbook of the Economics of Education, Vol. 2, pp 945-1017.
– Human Development Report: various years.
Please remember that a good academic essay of this type presents both a theoretical
argument and supporting empirical evidence1
. Please also note that using only one, two or
three sources is usually insufficient. A good essay should demonstrate the knowledge of the
literature and have original references; the discussion should go beyond the scope of the
material mentioned in lectures and suggested textbooks. It is usually useful to look at other
works of main authors (referenced in the lectures, textbooks and suggested readings) and at
the literature reviews of the recent articles
Above is the essay question and instructions. please do well to follow them and also try to use sources that are credible and all data must be up to date. all tables and data used must be linked directly to the research paper and the arguments that are being formulated. The tables and data must be coherent with the analysis being made.
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