Disability and Its Meanings

| August 31, 2015

Disability and Its Meanings

In this first short paper, you will explore the meanings of “disability” in relation to the “Disability Culture Rap” video and ideas we discuss in class. Disability means different things in different contexts. Cheryl Marie Wade’s “Disability Culture Rap” looks at the ways disability can be seen in terms of identity and culture. Reflect on this notion and how what concepts of disability might be useful to apply to literature and culture in this course, referring to at least one specific moment in the “Disability Culture Rap” video (quote or paraphrase dialogue, describe actions and speakers, etc.). You may also discuss your own definitions of disability; part of the purpose of this assignment is to learn about your own conceptions and your ability to write about them. But remember that I am asking you to think on the ideas presented in the video and in class, so you also need to connect your own thoughts to some of the critical ideas you have been introduced to. It’s more than an “opinion piece.”

As this paper comes early on in the term, it may be a bit more informal than future assignments. At this stage, I’m more interested in hearing your thought process than in polished prose. At the same time, please do put the same effort into this assignment (and all the short papers) that you would into anything written for a college class. This means proofreading, thinking over word usage, etc.
two links:www.youtube.com/watch?v=j75aRfLsH2Y&feature=youtu.be


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