diet analysis project

| November 27, 2014

diet analysis project

Step 1. Screen Diet
Complete a 24-hour recall and Food Group Count
List every food and beverage that you’ve eaten over the past 24 hours. Count
the number of servings of each food group provided by the foods that you
listed. (A sample recall form can be found in the textbook Appendix E; page
A-44, or at McGraw Hill Connect Student Resources page. The form there is
titled, ‘Daily Food Log Form’. You will not submit this form. If you need
help estimating the number of servings provided by what you listed refer to
the ‘What Counts as an ounce, cup, etc.’ link at:
Step 2. Introduce Problem
Discuss the potential of a specific nutrient imbalance and how it relates to
a health outcome.
a. In one paragraph, discuss the results of the 24-hour recall (food group
intake) and identify the most problematic food group (compared to My plate
recommendations). If you need help determining if a group was over or under
consumed, refer to the ‘How Much is Needed?’ link at:
b. In one paragraph, discuss the feature nutrients of that problematic food
group that may be imbalanced. If you need help determining what nutrients
are featured in a group, refer to the ‘Health Benefits and Nutrients’ link
c. In one to two paragraphs, discuss the relationship or effect of a
specific nutrient (or group of nutrients) to some health outcome that you
are interested in. Cite at least two scholarly articles (at least one
review article and one original research article) that support your
understanding (DO NOT USE the Health Benefits and Nutrients’ link at, nor trade, industry or popular type publications such as
d. In one sentence, state the purpose of a prospective analysis.
Step 3. Diet Analysis
a. Complete a prospective diet record
Without changing your usual diet, keep a detailed food log of food and
beverage intake for one to seven days. (A sample daily food log form can be
found in the textbook Appendix E; page A-38, at McGraw Hill Connect Student
Resources page, or posted in Bb beneath the project instructions. You will
not submit the form.
b. Analyze Diet Record using Diet Analysis Software
Transfer every food item from your food log into Nutrition Calc Plus.
Demonstration to this is included in Diet Analysis Lecture Archive.
c. View Results/Reports.
Be sure the reports that you select provide the information needed to
address the purposes of the analysis.
Step 4. Performance
a. Discuss in a sentence or two, intake of the nutrient/nutrient group
discussed in Step 2 compared to DRI, or dietary goals as listed in
b. Create one table or figure that shows the level of that nutrient/nutrient
group consumed compared to dietary goals as listed in Nutricalc.
c. Discuss in one to two paragraphs specific foods that influenced the
levels of the nutrient/nutrient group, and discuss at least three dietary
strategies to maintain or improve intake of nutrient/nutrient group.


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