Develop, Facilitate and Monitor All Aspects Of Case Management

| August 29, 2015

Develop, Facilitate and Monitor All Aspects Of Case Management

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COMMUNITY SERVICES FIELD Case Management Plan Brian is 16 years old and is from an ATSI background. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of four. Brian’s family lived in a rural area with limited access to support services when he was young. He has one brother aged 18 and a sister aged 15. Brian has limited verbal and social skills. He mostly speaks in single words. He gets anxious when family and friends visit and has significant difficulties with social interactions. Brian also demonstrates restricted and repetitive behaviour, and interests. Brian screams when he hears the phone ring. Brian asks repetitive questions when in the community. Most of his questions relate to confirming the type of activity he would be doing on the particular day. Brian’s siblings seem to be finding it increasingly difficult to cope with his behaviour. Brian’s mother recently reported that there is growing tension in the family home. She said that the tension is due to how Brian’s siblings respond to Brian. She also reported that Brian’s brother has voiced that he would like to move out of the house. The staff reported that Brian demonstrated challenging behaviour when transitioning from one activity to another. In the recent past, there was an incident when Brian kicked another client who said ‘no’ when Brian tried to grab her lunch box. The staff has observed Brian with bruises on his arms on three separate occasions. Brian has not been able to account for how/when he received those bruises. Staff has also noticed that Brian’s motivation to participate in activities has reduced considerably and he has started resisting participation in most activities. Following these incidences, The Day Program Manager requested a meeting with Brian’s parents. They attended the meeting, but said that they did not believe that Brian had been physically aggressive in the Day Program. Brian’s father said that Brian is no longer happy to attend the Day Program. He commented that perhaps the staff needs to do more to engage the clients. Brian’s mother broke down during the meeting, saying that she wanted “all this to end”. Both parents said that they were “exhausted”, and perhaps it would be best if Brian did not continue in the Day Program. At the end of the meeting, they said that they may look at another Day Program where Brian would be happier and better cared for. For the purpose of this assessment, you need to assume that you are the Case Manager. The following are to be addressed in this assessment task: 1. Describe your role as the case manager in this case (2 marks) 2. What are some policies and legislations that are relevant to this case as well as any legal and ethical boundaries you may need to consider? (4 marks) 3. Who would you need to meet with to establish a planning process? How can you be sure that the planning process is client-centred and empowering for all significant people? (4 marks) 4. Prepare a case plan that presents the outcomes of the meeting and best options for Brian. The case plan should include: • the goals of the client • a list of the strategies that will be required to meet these goals (including at least one strategy to deal with a complex or high risk situation) • the resources available to you as a worker to meet the required goals • a list of the key people (and client) who will take responsibility for each of the strategies • timeframes for each goal • monitoring/evaluation methods (20 marks) 5. How could you assist Brian and his parents to make a formal complaint if they are unhappy with a service? What information would you need to provide them with? (4 marks) 6. Write a letter of referral, including a case history, to an agency identified in the care plan, linking the client to a more specialised service. (5 marks) 7. What strategies would you use to continually monitor the effectiveness of the case management plan against the agreed goals? (4 marks) 8. Discuss when it would be appropriate for this case to be closed. What is the process you would need to follow to prepare for case closure? (4 marks) 9. What may be some of the cultural considerations you would have to consider when working with Brian and his family? (4 marks) 10. If after developing a care plan with Brian his mother does not agree with the goals identified, how would you manage that? (4 marks) You will also be marked on correct referencing. PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN QUOTING POLICIES AND LEGISLATION THEY MUST BE AUSTRALIAN ACTS AND LEGISLATION,

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