Determining Conditions of Probation Simulation

| May 23, 2015

Work individually on the following:

  • Completethe CJi Interactive Simulation: Determining Conditions of Probation, found in Ch. 12: Corrections in the Community located on the student website.
  • Take noteson the answers you selected and prepare a summary of the outcomes of your selections to share with your team.

Collaborate on the following:

  • Review and discuss each team member’s selections in the simulation cases and the rationale for their selections.
  • Come to a consensus on the conditions of probation or parole for each client.
  • Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary of the conditions of probation or parole for each client and the rationale for those conditions. Include the following in the paper:
    • Outcomes of the conditions selected by the team
    • Changes the team would make to their selections on the basis of the outcomes

Recommendations concerning the conditions of a client’s probation or parole that were not included in the options. Explain why.



700 words paper

Scored: 10/10

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Category: Law

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