Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision

| May 10, 2015

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I had 4 papers written by you guys and when I reached out to you concerning the feedback I got from one of my lecturers, I was told it was too late and I had to place a new order. The paper wasn’t written well enough, it was below average, and since this is my first time doing business with your team I thought I would get a pass but obviously not. Anyway I was promised your best writer this time around and I hope this one makes sense, attached are the module guide and the work you previously sent to me.
I have looked at your draft and I think you have spent too much time introducing analytical tools and not enough time addressing the assignment brief – which is to evaluate the extend to which L and D is strategically aligned. The tools you have included really concentrate on the external environment. Your emphasis should evaluate internal factors which indicate it is strategically aligned
You could use the tools and theories to analyse which have been recommended in class. For example:
How does the structure allow strategic alignment, (see the NHS trust example and model introduced in the early sessions) what characteristics indicate it is strategically aligned (the Harrison checklist) what can stop it being strategically aligned (see the Silent Killer’s journal article).
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