Describe, analyse and critically reflect upon a conflict and/or negotiation in which you have recently been involved.

| August 26, 2015

Describe, analyse and critically reflect upon a conflict and/or negotiation in which you have recently been involved. The conflict and/or negotiation should preferably be one that occurred in your workplace or an organisational setting. Submit the project in a report format and ensure that your analysis of what occurred is informed and supported by relevant academic literature. The report should broadly describe the context, then analyse why people appeared to respond in the way they did and finally, it should recommend how the conflict might have been better managed at all stages of the conflict and/or negotiation and ultimately resolved.

Some key ideas about what should be included in each section have been provided below. Please use pseudonyms for any individuals described and for organisations. It is enough to say for example, “the organisation is a leading retailer in white goods” rather than using the company’s real name. Also, take care to avoid any other detailed descriptions that would lead someone to identify individuals or the organisation to your report in other ways. You may identify yourself and your role if you wish, or not. Please use the following headings in the report.

Use the title – “Experiential Project: Assignment 2”. Please add an additional subheading that reflects the context of the conflict you are presenting in the report. E.g. Experiential Project: Assignment 2; Workload Conflict.

Abstract/Executive Summary
Summarise in 150 words or less what the conflict and/or negotiation was about, the context, who was involved and the factors (e.g. culture, personality, gender, emotions, relationships, values and beliefs) you believe that were most influential in determining the nature and the outcomes of the situation. Indicate briefly any key conclusions and recommendations you make. The abstract thus acts as an executive summary for the whole report so that anyone who reads it would get the gist of the report without necessarily reading it in its entirety.

Provide a detailed description of the background and context. What was the conflict and/or negotiation about? Who was involved and what roles did they have? What happened exactly? Include any information about the timing of events that are relevant. Your aim in this section should be to ‘set the scene’.

Critical and Reflective Discussion
This section should constitute the main body of your project. Identify the factors you believe influenced the nature of the conflict and/or negotiation and the way in which they affected the behaviour of the parties involved. Explain why you think this is the case by providing a rationale. You must draw upon the literature to assist you in illustrating how and why these factors were important to your analysis.

Conclusion and Recommendations
Summarise the key issues raised and evaluate the implications of your findings. For example, what were the consequences of the conflict and/or negotiation being conducted and managed in the way that it was? What were the strengths and weaknesses in the management of the conflict and / or negotiation as presented?
Recommend ways in which the conflict and/or negotiation might have been better managed, resulting in a more effective and productive outcome/resolution. Draw upon the literature that you have accessed to support your recommendations.

Reference List
List all the references incorporated into your text according to the UniSA Harvard referencing conventions. Please use high quality academic references. You are expected to demonstrate wide reading (around 12-15 sources or more, as appropriate) to inform your understanding and analysis of the context. You must reference all ideas you have read and support your assumptions with a reference.
NOTE: The reference list will not be included in the word count of this assignment. Any in-text references will be included in the word count. The assignment word count is 2000 words but you may submit 10% more or less if you wish. E.g. 1800-2200 words.

Please cut and paste the feedback and criteria sheet into your assignment so there will only be one document to download and save the document in your name. E.g. Failure to do these two things will attract a penalty of five percent.

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