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| April 3, 2014

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Students must chose a current resource management issue that is specifically being addressed in the media and write a briefing note based on this issue addressed at the event and some ancillary research on
the topic. Must perform additional research about the topic of discussion, and write a 500-750 word briefing note, as if presenting the material to a government
department Minister or senior business executive.
The note must contain the following:
• an explanation of the issue or topic,
• the various positions/opinions that exist regarding the topic,
• the key points for consideration,
• the recommendations regarding which stance your ‘manager’ should take, and
• justification for this recommendation.
This briefing note should be written in an academic style with ‘in-text’ citations and references in
APA format (6th addition). Your references will need to include 4-6 scholarly papers from peerreviewed
journals. It should also include the following headings:
• purpose
• background
• considerations/discussion
• recommendations/conclusions
• references
The material will be marked using the following four, equally-weighted criteria:
• Completeness as per specifications given above (ie include everything
you are told to include)
• Good overall communication skills – grammar and spelling
• Clearly articulates WHAT the topic/seminar/presentation was about
that is the basis of the briefing note
• Demonstrates an understanding of the issue – providing evidence to
back up your position and ‘recommendations’.
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