Cultural intelligence and capability

| December 5, 2015

1 page for mind map. You need to ensure your mind map includes four elements of your culture ( family, food, travel, exercise) and shows how knowledge, experiences, and behaviours are related to each element. Then 200 -250 words -notes about the relationship between knowledge, experience and behaviour based on one element of your cultural self. instructions will be in downloaded file for eg assessment criteria and information. Do they do assignments with a mind map? I am so concerned, i hope that this will be done to 100% as the last company i went through due to their assignment failed both units, the company then refused to give a refund ?? if this assessment can be pleased followed and does this get sent in a word document just in case if i need to change anything. Regarding the mind map do you have a really fancy mind map template just to get extra marks for design.

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Category: Nursing

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