Cultural Assessment

| February 24, 2015
This is a formal written paper documenting the student’s understanding of cultural issues affecting the healthcare of two different cultures. The two cultures must be examined, analyzed, compared and contrasted throughout the formal paper. Discuss cultural practices that are healthy and promote health promotion. Discuss cultural practices that are unhealthy and detrimental. The American culture CANNOT be one of the two cultures. The student must use a vareity of references to document the information presented in the formal paper. Internet journals, books, and personal communication with an individual of the culture may be used as resources. The stundent must reference resources in the body of the paper according to modified APA format. The bullets below should not necessarily be used as specific paragraphs. This is a formal written paper. Be sure to read the specific criteria before writing the paper. I. Cultural Assessment * Primary language spoken by the people in the culture. *Expected roles of family members (man, woman, husband, wife, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles) *How the people in this culture define health and maintain health *How the people in this culture define illness, what the root cause of illness and disease is and how an individual in this culture is expected to act when sick. *Key individual in the family/community who usually makes health related decisions II. Healing Practices and Rituals *Health promotion activities, healing ritual or practices this culture believes promotes well-being or hasten recovery from illness *Religious healing system predominately practiced by people in this culture. *Role of religious beliefs and practices during health and illness, the role of significant religious representatives during health and illness. *Special rites or blessings for those with a serous or terminal illness *Acceptable treatment options such as traditional medicine, holistic medicine, surgery, blood transfusions, organ donation, and advance directives in this cultrue (do not limit this to these treatment options only). *Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) in this culture; the atitudes, values, beliefs about specific life events such birth, marrieage, aging, and death about individuals in this culture. *Cultrual beliefs about afterlife beliefs about burial and funeral preferences.
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