Cultural and Historical Studies

| April 23, 2014

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Essay brief: Objects of your identity.
Construct an image of your place of origin (MAKE A PLACE UP) through an essay on the objects of your identity. These objects can be any material things that you feel are important for anyone trying to understand your place of origin. They can be buildings, interiors, furnishings, clothes, food , colours or art or maybe other manufactured objects that don?t necessarily have to come from your place of origin but somehow are part of the culture of your place of origin, for instance; cars, electronic equipment, kitchen appliances, or maybe sports equipment or utensils- any thing that represents your place of origin or culture. Place of origin doesn?t have to be a country, it can be a street, neighbourhood or a district- it might be Hendon. The task will be to describe how these objects represent the culture of your place of origin and how together they make up a typical material image of that culture. For instance you might want to link lattes, noodles and identity cards to graphic equipment and a laptop if you are culturally originating from IAD in the Grove Building, Hendon. You need to be able to write about the significance of objects in relation to culture. This is not easy but we are all able to do it ? imagine the cultural life of a Tube ticket or Oyster Card. To succeed in writing up this brief you need to be able to write and illustrate something that is both general and detailed – and comprehensible to someone with no knowledge of your place of origin.
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Category: Cultural Studies

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