Cue Transparency as an aid to mental switch set switching (about Flanker task) (Literature review the paper from George Houghton)

| April 29, 2014

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This is a introduction section of dissertation (report) use APA format
here is some information about the project :
How was this tested?
In this study you were asked to focus on a target stimuli that was flanked by incongruent or congruent distracters and then you had to choose the corresponding scene to which the target matched. We measured the time you took to identify the target’s corresponding scene and then compared the difference between the congruent and incongruent trials.
Reaction times for incongruently flanked targets will be slower than congruently flanked targets.
Why is this research important?
This research is important as it takes tries to incorporate a proven cognitive psychological notion and apply it to more ecologically significant situations.
(more information in the debrief form) (in attachments)
here is the requirement about the introduction section:
Appropriate introduction (from general to specific)?
Coverage of the literature comprehensive and relevant?
Sufficient level of detail, covers key theories etc?
Offers new insights, critiques etc?
Literature covered clearly and concisely?
Literature leads logically to the aims/hypothesis?
Introduction. This should include a brief overview of the theoretical and historical background to the general area of study. The major part of the introduction should concentrate on work specifically related to the question being asked. The end of the introduction should state the rationale for the study and the hypotheses under consideration. Note that although there will be overlap with the literature review in the proposal, this section will need to be streamlined to form an introduction, that is, it will usually need to be shortened to focus more directly on the specific project and to make space for the other sections. It will need updating based on supervisor feedback and possible new articles in the field. In addition, the introduction should lead logically from a general overview of the research field toward the aims of the project, the research question and the hypotheses.
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