Critical Numeracy Unit of Work.

| May 10, 2015

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TASK 2. Critical Numeracy Unit of Work (50%, equivalent to 2000 words)
Task 2. Critical Numeracy Unit of Work.
You are required to prepare an integrated unit of work for a Year 6 class that addresses some key aspects of the mathematics curriculum at this level in the context of a realistic problem or issue (e.g., sustainability, safety, health, equity).
The unit of work should allow all learners to participate productively, exemplify best practice approaches, incorporate the four proficiencies, and demonstrate how mathematics can be used to address important social issues.
The documentation associated with the Unit of Work should demonstrate that you able to choose and use a wide variety of resources in an appropriate way (including the local environment and school community), work with diverse student learning needs in a constructive manner, and make meaningful connections between different aspects of mathematics.
The Unit of work should include:
1. A meaningful and engaging title – no more than 20 words.
2. A statement of learning outcomes/intentions – no more than 4 content descriptors from 2 strands of the Australian Year 6 Mathematics curriculum plus 2 content descriptors/outcomes from one other curriculum domain from the Australian Curriculum (or VELS) at this level (i.e., 6 outcomes/descriptors in total, not included in word count).
3. A statement of prior knowledge – no more than 100 words on what you expect students to be able to do as a minimum before commencing the Unit of Work;
4. A flow chart – no more than 1 A4 page diagram, indicating how the unit of work will evolve over time – the unit should be completed in 10 to 12 mathematics sessions but some activities may take 2 to 3 sessions.
5. Detailed lesson plans for at least 7 discrete activities/tasks (this assumes some will take more than one session) that clearly address the learning outcomes and criteria above (detail should be sufficient for a practicing teacher to implement the activity relatively easily);
6. An assessment strategy – no more than 50 words, a statement to indicate how student learning will be evidenced;
7. References – a complete and correctly cited list of references, resources and sources ((not included in word count).
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