Critical care and transport

| April 23, 2015
Critical care and transport
I do not need to reference any of these questions.
Please see AAOS Critical care and transport book and Nancey Caroline emergency care in the streets seventh addition.
Daniel Haggis 1st CCT Home assignment
Q1. Describe how pre-hospital emergency care has evolved over the last 40 years
Q2. Describe how Paramedics now are provide critical care.
Q3. Describe why critically ill patients now receive high-level care than 40 years ago.
Q4. List the responsibility that has increased for Paramedic’s to provide high-level of care.
Q5. Describe the high-level medical care competent that has to be delivered.
Q6. Describe why critical care units must give patient and family emotional support.
Q7. Describe how ground transport is important in the care of critically ill and injured.
Q8. Describe the different between traditional ground ALS units and mobile critical care units.
Q9. List why aeromedical transport is more than just patient care.
Q10. Describe how we can assure safe operations.
Q11. Describe prelaunch safety checks.
Q12. Describe in-flight considerations.
Q13. Describe landing zone considerations.
Q14. Describe why teamwork is important in a CCT unit.
Q15. List Transport criteria.
Q16. List Packaging considerations
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