Critical Article reflection

| February 24, 2015
->Your critical reflection should be approximately 5 pages. ->In your critical reflection, you must write about the following two journals. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES!!! Thompson, L., Pearce, J., Barnett, J. 2007. Moralising geographies: Stigma, smoking islands and responsible subjects. Area. 39(4):508-517. Hubbard, G., Kidd, L., and Kearney, N. 2010. Disrupt to identity: The experiences of people with colorectal first year following diagnosis. Health. 14(2):131-146. **** Make sure that you do not simply summarize the articles. Your assignment should have the following elements: 1. Statement of Argument ->You should provide a brief description of the central argument made by each article by answering EACH of these questions. *What is the central concern of the author(s)? *What key claims are they trying to make in the article? *What kind of argument is it? What is it focused on? 2. Critical Analysis To help you focus on critical analysis, keep the following questions answer EACH of these questions. *How were the claims and/or the overall argument supported? Were you convinced by the authors? Why or why not? *If your article is research-based, what sorts of “data” were created, how were they commented on by the authors and used to support their argument? Do you have any criticisms or concerns about how they conducted their research or used their data to support their claims? 3. Comparative Analysis Compare and contrast the two articles you’ve chosen to discuss. Format for the Assignment Article 1 a) Statement of Argument (approximately 1 page) b) Critical Analysis (approximately 1 pages) Article 2 a) Statement of Argument (approximately 1 page) b) Critical Analysis (approximately 1/2 page) Comparative Analysis (approximately 1/2 page)
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