Critical Appraisal of Major Construction Companies.

| December 25, 2014

Critical Appraisal of Major Construction Companies.

Learning Outcomes measured in this assessment (from the Module Descriptor):

•    Analyse and evaluate law governing quantity surveyors in the role of advocacy or expert witness
•    Critically evaluate a range of appropriate forms of contract and advise clients on the selection of appropriate contractual procedures
•    Evaluate principles and responsibilities imposed by health and safety law, codes of practice and other regulations.

Background information / introduction (& how this assessment fits the overall strategy):

This coursework requires students to critically review the materials studied in this module and apply the knowledge and principles to two contemporary contracting organisations. The coursework will involve evaluating company policies relating to ethics, health and safety and to appraise financial and procurement capacity of the companies.

Nature of the submission required:
A simple business report format. The report must be fully and consistently referenced in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System.

Instructions to students:
Please see the detailed task and submission details at the end of this Coursework Specification

Coursework Assignment
You have been appointed by a major international development company (BIC International) to carry out an initial appraisal of two selected major contracting organisations (from the UK Construction Industry) with a view to being the preferred bidder on one or both of the following high profile projects.
1.    A $170 million mixed use development in central Birmingham, UK (including shops and residential accommodation)
2.    Negotiating / awarding a contract to build a hospital on a Design and Build basis in Abu Dhabi, work to commence in 18 months time, contract value $350 million.
Your brief is to carry out a critical comparison of TWO of the companies selected from the list below with a view to recommending one of them for either one or both projects (i.e. compare the companies, select one, and THEN decide whether that company should be selected for one, both or neither projects);
1.    Carillion
2.    Costain
3.    Galliford Try
4.    Kier Group
5.    Mace
6.    Morgan Sindall
7.    Vinci
8.    Wilmott Dixon
You should access information from any source you consider relevant (e.g. company website, annual reports, newspaper articles etc.) but you should NOT approach the company direct. You will be expected to support your analysis with fully referenced material derived from your own research.
If you are employed by any of the companies listed you should pick two others – i.e. NOT your employer.
You must analyse and compare both companies by applying relevant concepts studied in the programme / module. Write a business report for consideration by BIC International which focuses on the following;
1.    Business Ethics
2.    Health and Safety
3.    Financial Performance (see Paper 7) (your financial appraisal must include a ratio analysis of the company – all ratio calculations and comparative analysis should be included as an Appendix to the report). You are required to judge the financial strength of the company as you see fit, taking into account any relevant factors and stating any assumptions made.
4.    Recommendations to the client.


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