creation of a new e-commerce Web site

| May 26, 2015

As the network administrator, you have been given the task of preparing a presentation for the stakeholders of a new project that will involve the creation of a new e-commerce Web site.

Using the library, the Internet, and any other materials, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the following items:

  • Slides 1–2:
    • How users will be tracked when they use the site for marketing and site design purposes.
  • Slides 3–4:
    • The methods that will be used to defend against client-side attacks.
  • Slides 4–6:
    • The protocols and techniques that will be used to provide and secure online transactions.

Proper presentation design techniques must be used, as well as notes on each slide to expand on what will be covered during the live presentation

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Category: Computer Science

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