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| August 31, 2015

course work

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After choosing a topic to work with, imagine that you are part of a team of researchers developing a grant proposal to fund a study on the chosen topic. A Wealthy Foundation may be willing to write a grant check but you have to convince them that your research topic is worth funding. Write a short paragraph that answers the following questions about the research topic: 300 words 1 or 2 Cited references

1. Choose one suject and write
2. Why did I choose this research topic?
3. What problem will this research solve?
4. Who will be interested in this research? Why?

Choose one 3 sujects:
Rewards of (Dis)Integration: Economic, Social, and Political Globalization and Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Rights of Workers in Developing Countries.

Extraterrestrial encounters: UFOs, science and the quest for transcendence, 1947-1972.

Concentrating solar power in a sustainable future electricity mix.

Task: Develope a thesis statement

What is your position on that article? What claim are you making about the article? State your answers clearly in a thesis sentence that helps to map your response for the reader. (One Sentence.)

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As you think back over the research material, assess your ability to critically read it. Post a short reflective paragraph below. Please share your own strategies for improving critical reading skills. 250 words 2 cited references
Southampton Solent University (2014). “Reflective Thinking and Writing.” Retrieved October 7, 2014 at:
Kurland, Dan (2000).”What is Critical Reading?” How the Language Really Works:
The Fundamentals of Critical Reading and Effective Writing. Retrieved March, 30, 2015 at:
Page 3
Identify Purdy’s (2010) 3 main ways to use Wikipedia when researching. Using the Wikipedia strategies and your chosen research topic, please write a short description of how you used Wikipedia for “1. ideas, 2. links to other texts, and 3. search terms” (Purdy, 2010). Please note any places where your research went in a different direction because of your use of Wikipedia. 300 words 2 cited format.

A Thesis Statement actually consists of two parts: 1) the subject part which tells the reader what the subject of your paper will be, and 2) the comment part that explains specifically what the writer has to say about the subject.
Some possible ways in which writers might explain the subject to the reader include the following:
Informing: A thesis that informs notifies the reader that he/she will be provided with specific information about the subject.
Example: “Income and wealth gaps between rich and poor have increased substantially in the last decade.”
Interpreting: A thesis that interprets offers the reader an analysis/clarification of the subject.
Example: “George Will’s two recent newspaper columns defending the inequality between rich and poor demonstrate that he is politically conservative.”
Arguing: A thesis that argues expresses a position about a subject to the reader, then provides specific evidence to support and defend that position.
Example: “George Will’s position that economic inequality is healthy for the United States is based on at least two false comparisons.”
(Thesis statements adapted from Maimon, Elaine and Janice H. Peritz. A Writer’s Resources: A Handbook for Writing and Research. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2002.)

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