Corporate Governance

| April 25, 2014

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I want you to create “governance related factors” to enhance corporate governance quality (one factor is based on ASX recommendation and two factors are other than those recommended by ASX). Then for each factor, please come up with 2 measures (an example is in the document attached). These 2 measures will be used to assess the governance system used in these 5 companies which are: JB Hifi, Coca cola, IBM, Lufthansa, Olympus. I have also attached their annual reports and please make sure that the factors and measures that you create could be related to all these 5 companies using these particular annual reports of their companies.
Please assess each company by answering all measures in the form of paragraph. Please add any details related to the answers for each measure (in case the answer is YES, elaborate more). Lastly, please explain the reasons for choosing these factors/measures.
P.S for the factor that is based on ASX recommendation, I already decide to use ‘PRINCIPLE 2’, so please refer to this principle to create its 2 measures. Once again, the other 2 factors (and both of their measures) are expected to be created not be based on the ASX recommendation).
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