Contracts for the international sale of goods made on CIF terms

| April 18, 2015

The essay is legal and therefor it should include much analysis and research than stating factors.
The outline of the essay is about comparing between FOB terms including the three types by Devlin J and CIF and explaining why people still use FOB if CIF is better. What do they do ? these two terms? FOB and CIF
why using CIF and why using FOB?
Include commodity trade. also bill of lading.
Discussing the extra and less risk and how risk passes from one party to another, if the parties would change something in the contract how can they do that and what are the obstacles and consequences.
What are the documents used in CIF?
When stating a treaty or a law, afterwards there should be analysis of the treaty or the law and somehow include your point of view about it wether its a good point of view or a criticism of the law.
the essay must include atleast 15 different kinds of cases and the cases should be summarised briefly just to emphasis the point of the essay. they shouldnt take too much space in the essay as long stories, just summarising them and getting back to the essay again. the cases must be from legally recognised resources such as caselaw and statute.
conclusion should be atleast one full page about what people use more now adays and why and what is the future expectation.
The essay should be concentrated mainly on the english law not any law.
p.s: I have ordered an essay before and I have asked for first class standard and I got 50’s. I was not satisfied because I should atleast get around high 60’s. I wish this essay becomes better than the previous because its expensive and I have paid for it.
preferable references : books: Schmitthoff , Benjamin, Todd
cases: Pyrene v. Scindia Navigation
Cho yang shipping v. Coral (UK)
The kapetan Marcos (no.2) Lloyds rep.
The SLS Everest (1981) 2 lloyds rep.
-The bibliography should be atleast 40 different kinds of cases, articles, websites and books.
the writing style I want is scholar or a similar one .

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