Continuous Monitoring of Oil & Gas Level in Processing Equipment

| August 27, 2015

Continuous Monitoring of Oil & Gas Level in Processing Equipment

Paper details:
this report is about interfacing the level transmitter to existing plant control system. Plant is controlled using “distributed control system, DCS” and “emergency shutdown system, ESD”. Usually DCS system is mainly used for just indication purposes to show the readings of level transmitters that exist in the plant field while ESD system is used to make action such as shutdown an equipment or starting up another equipment or even shut down the whole plant when the level transmitter reads very high or very low reading that not accepted. In my project I’m supposed to interface a level transmitter to the existed plant control system, explain the loop components such as the cards needed, their functions from electrical and electronic perspective and communication protocols … etc , provide also diagram of the loop “from the level transmitter to the end element which DCS and ESD system”. Moreover, the report should follow the layout which I’m going to provide you with. In my report or thesis, I should talk and discuss the architecture of how the transmitter should be interfaced to the systems previously mentioned. Cost of each component used in the interface plus the total cost should be included in the report or the thesis .Important NOTE, the thesis will be submitted to university through “turntin” tool which catch any plagiarism

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