Contemporary Japan through Its Salaryman

| December 11, 2014

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I have attached an ?outline? PDF file, and two articles resources in pdf. MUST Use All the resources from the outline attached, plus Two more resources from your research, and then develop a 1500-1800 words research paper based from the outline. The paper should focus on the topics from the course readings, reference at least two of the course readings, and then conduct independent research on the topic. Paper should include correct use of in-text and bibliographic citations. This class is called Anthropology of Japan, so please focus on the course theme.
Your objective should be to craft a coherent argument by choosing a theme or question that you explore by examining a variety of sources. Each essay should clearly state the main question, idea, or problem in the first section, and then outline how you will address the question you have posed (i.e. outline your argument). The essay will be based on your analysis and understanding of the conceptual and theoretical frameworks discussed in class, readings, and drawn from the sources you choose. Therefore your essay must demonstrate that you have engaged critically with the readings and lecture material. By using evidence from research to construct your argument, you may choose to write against or disagree with the positions and analytical frames we examine in class, but your argument must be based on solid evidence amassed through your research, and must demonstrate understanding of the theoretical frameworks.
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