Contemporary Art

| February 10, 2015

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Your research should address the following:
a) What are the key stylistic features of the cultural style/period style/movement you are researching?
b) Discuss five key works of this cultural style/period style/movement. Why are these pieces representative of this cultural style/period style/movement? Why are they significant to the history of art? Discuss iconography and style where appropriate.
4. Include any images necessary for your research, with an absolute minimum of five. Include image details or additional images for comparison if appropriate. Each image included must be labeled with the artist (if known), title, and date.
5. All non-quoted text included in the presentation must be in the students’ own words. All “borrowed” ideas must be cited, and all quotes must be enclosed by quotation marks and cited in MLA format.
7. bibliography at the end of your research , formatted in MLA style. 3 sources. Web sources must be reputable and end in .org or .edu—museum websites are great, authoritative sources of information
text book if needed Understanding art 10th edition. chapter 22
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