Consecutive lessons (2×40 minutes) with sequenced and detailed teaching and learning strategies.

| April 5, 2015

2. Programming a Unit of Work (3000 words)
Develop a topic for a unit of work for a Stage 4 or Stage 5 Science class. (Please use the new NSW BOSTES Australian Curriculum)
The unit of work should cover a total of 15 lessons, (i.e. the equivalent of 5 x 40-minute periods a week). It should be given a title, and include:
1. A rationale statement, including an outline of why the topic is being taught and how the topic will be taught from a Christian Perspective.
2. Outcomes linked to the relevant syllabus documents and outcomes related to the Christian perspectives for the unit introduced in the rationale statement.
3. A three-week schedule of the 15 lessons to be taught with a title or heading for each lesson and a brief description, the resources to be utilised and the differentiation strategies to be incorporated; but not a detailed lesson plan.
4. Two sample consecutive lessons (2×40 minutes) with sequenced and detailed teaching and learning strategies.
5. A sample assessment task that includes a brief description of the context, explanation of how the outcomes are linked to the assessment task, description of the activity, criteria for assessing the learning, and guidelines for marking……………………..

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