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| February 5, 2015

The purpose of Confucius institute is to promote Chinese language and culture, provide Chinese teaching, and make culture exchange with local culture. in recently years, the Confucius institute became a controversy topic: Some scholars think should banned the Confucius, and some people support.For this paper, you need to write one page of cons of Confucius Institute with evidences, one page for the pros of Confucius Institute with evidence, and one page of you agree the Confucius Institute with evidence ( This is my opinion) Please use the Recourses that I gave you to write this paper. You don’t need to write the introduction. at the end of paper, you need to cite the references.You don’t have to use all the sources.

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November 2014 Page 329 Jennifer Hubbert Lewis & Clark College Ambiguous States: Confucius Institutes and Chinese Soft Power in the U.S. Classroom This article offers an ethnographic examination of representations and perceptions of the Chinese state as manifest through Confucius Institutes in the United States. Confucius Institutes are Chinese language and culture programs that are funded and staffed by the Chinese government. Confucius Institutes are a constituent part of China’s soft power policy efforts to communicate to the world that its cultural tradition stresses harmony and that its rise to power will be a peaceful and globally responsible process. Through analyzing parent and student perceptions of “the state” through their experiences with Confucius Institute teachers and pedagogical materials, it is possible to contextualize and problematize the means through which Cold War rhetoric is recast and recirculated in the contemporary “post-Cold War” historical moment, thus interrogating assumptions about essentialized Chinese difference. This research reveals how understandings of a newly empowered China cast the nation as a threat to U.S. economic and political power in a manner that negates China’s soft power efforts, dislocating policy intention and effect. At the same time, this research suggests that as Confucius Institute teachers distance themselves from perceptions of an authoritarian state, parents and students begin to disaggregate perceptions of a monolithic Chinese state in a manner that reinforces the state’s soft power goals. [Confucius Institutes, China, anthropology of the state, Cold War, education, soft power] In a 2010 episode entitled “Socialism Studies,” Jon Stewart of The Daily Show skewered an incident in Southern California that was causing controversy.1 Stewart began the segment by striking his finger on his desk and declaring unequivocally, “Our schools are in crisis . . . [one that] threatens to destroy everything we hold dear.” The…

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