Conflict and Change – Change and Conflict

| August 24, 2015

Conflict and Change – Change and Conflict

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Answer the following two questions in essay form (2000 words total for both questions)

1. Conflict – describe the potential for conflict in your imaginary Health and nutrition organisation, and both the challenges and benefits of conflict more generally? (1,000 words)

2. Change – The manager of your imaginary health and nutrition organisation is responsible for the implementation of a small but significant change and sends you an e-mail (below) requesting your advice. What three points would you make in reply? Justify your advice. (1,000 words)

“Subject: Seeking your advice
Dear colleague
This is a quick follow-up from our discussion yesterday regarding the change that I am responsible for implementing. I am quite concerned that there will be some resistance to the change. I would be most grateful if you would make three suggestions, with justification, as to what I might consider prior to and during the implementation process.
Please respond by COB next Friday.”

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