Comparing More than Two Mean

| April 8, 2015
Comparing More than Two Mean
In Unit 6, you developed three different research questions that could be addressed using a one-sample, dependent samples, or
independent samples t-test. In this week’s Discussion you will expand the research question that should be addressed using the
independent samples t-test to include more than two groups (levels).
ANOVA Testing: Expand your research question comparing two independent means from Unit 6 and include more than two groups to compare.
Write down your question and why you feel that it is appropriate for a one-way ANOVA test.
State Hypotheses: State your null hypothesis and your alternative hypothesis. State the dependent variable, the independent variable
and the levels of that variable.
Describe Data: Describe the type of data you would collect. What sample size would you use and what would your data look like?
Predict Results: Predict the results of your ANOVA test and write out the appropriate conclusion. Using alpha of .05, include a
pretend p-value that would justify either accepting or rejecting your null hypothesis. What would you expect from a Post Hoc test
given your predicted results from your ANOVA test?
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