Company’s customer relationship marketing

| August 24, 2015

Company’s customer relationship marketing

Pick a brand of your choice. The company behind this brand must be based in either Europe or the
U.S. Analyse the company’s customer relationship marketing as discussed in the lecture. Use a brand
community as the context of your analysis, and evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s
customer relationship marketing in view of the company’s positioning strategy.
Each assignment should have the following components:
a. A brief introduction to the company, its products and competitors.
b. A short analysis of the company’s targeting and positioning strategy.
c. An analysis of the design and functioning of the brand community (When and how do customers
interact? What are the benefits for customers? How many members does the community have?
What are the benefits for the company?).
d. Evaluate whether the company’s management of the brand community is consistent with its
positioning strategy.

The assignment should not exceed 2500 words (excluding tables, appendices and
reference). Words in tables, appendices, graphs and diagrams should not be included in stated word count, however, appendices and tables should only contain material that is not
essential to an understanding of argument.

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