Community acquired pneumonia (CAP)

| February 24, 2015
HEALTH CARE PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: Briefly describe the health care problem you have identified. How common is this problem in this practice site?
PRACTICE GUIDELINE: Describe the clinical practice guideline used for this problem. Reflect on the questions included.
Does the clinical practice guideline on your unit adequately address the problem?
Is this practice guideline based on current evidence?
Does this clinical practice guideline adequately direct the health care provider in the management of a patient with this problem?
Are healthcare providers on your unit using this clinical practice guideline in planning care for patients?
How effective is this clinical guideline in the management of patients with this healthcare problem?
ANALYSIS: Think about future health care needs of patients with this problem, changing demographics, and changes in health care policies. Address these questions.
Does this clinical practice guideline need revision(s)? Please explain your answer in detail.
If you were going to revise this clinical practice guideline, what would you change? What evidence would you use to base your changes on?
How might changes in US demographics and healthcare reform affect this clinical practice guideline?
What strategies would you use to increase the likelihood that a new or modified clinical practice guideline would be adopted and used in clinical practice?
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