Communication Style

| August 31, 2015

Communication Style

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Project 1 – Communication Styles Content • Project Details Career Skills For more detail on this project’s Career Skills, hover over the icon for a short description or click for a full description. PROJECT OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will explore your communication style and propose ways to flex your style to meet the needs of those who exhibit other communication styles. The assignment will assist you in understanding the impact that your communication style has on the impression others form of you. It will also help you to begin to develop sensitivity and appropriate responses to those who exhibit other styles. To do this assignment you must write a paper covering the following 5 areas: 1. Identify your communication style. Then, identify which characteristic of the style applies most to you, explain why, and give an example from your life that illustrates how the characteristic you identified applies to you and how you relate to others. Additionally, identify characteristics (if any) from the other styles that you believe represent you, and give an example. 2. Describe 2-3 strengths and 2-3 weaknesses of your style that apply most to you. Explain why the strengths and weaknesses apply to you, and give at least one example of a strength and one example of a weakness from your life that illustrates how they apply to you. 3. Select 2 of the Communication Styles Scenarios below and describe how you would flex your style in those situations to be effective. Incorporate the concepts from your textbook in your explanation. 4. Write a summary paragraph describing what you have learned from this assignment about the benefits you can derive from understanding communication styles. How can this understanding help enhance diversity in the workplace? 5. Write one paragraph reflecting on the material from this class and discuss how the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned thus far in this course apply to your chosen career. Communication Styles Scenarios 6. You have been hired by a real estate firm. Next week you will meet with Luther Hodges to discuss a commercial property that is for sale in your community. He hopes to erect an office building on this property. Mr. Hodges is classified as a director. Mr. Hodges is also a non-native speaker of English. To sell this property to Mr. Hodges, what words and actions should you display throughout the meeting? Consider both verbal and nonverbal communication when answering this question. 7. You have an interview at a local television station for a job assisting a talk show host. You will be interviewing with both the host and the station manager at the same time. The host is classified as an emotive. The station manager is classified as a supportive. What words and actions should you display during the interview to win over both of these employers? 8. You frequently disagree with a colleague. In fact, your working relationship has become quite strained. Yesterday, you were assigned to partner with her on an important company project. Your colleague is classified as a Reflective and even displays behavior in the Excess Zone. What strategy (words and actions) will you use to make this a successful partnership? Refer to the Course Schedule within the Syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates. DELIVERABLES A minimum 2-page paper, typed and double-spaced. Timeline • Week 2: Communication Styles, Profiles assignment (a full description of the assignment will be listed in Week 2, this deliverable will not be graded with the project rubric). • Week 3: Communication Styles, Feedback assignment (a full description of the assignment will be listed in Week 3, this deliverable will not be graded with the project rubric). • Week 4: Project 1 – Communication Styles. This is the week you turn in the completed minimum 2-page paper, typed and double-spaced. This final deliverable will be graded with the rubric available for download below. GRADING CRITERIA The Communication Styles Grading Rubric will be used to evaluate your assignment. Refer to the rubric for important assignment details. Download rubric RESOURCES • Course Textbook • Library Services • Effective Human Relations, 10th Edition. Reece/Brandt. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005, Chapter 3, Chapter 2, and Chapter 15, 354-373. • APA Citation Style and Formatting: You can find help by clicking Library Services on your MyPATH Home Page. • Online: Your Guide to an A, 10th Edition. Brandt. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008, Chapter 3 PROJECT OUTCOMES This assignment supports the following outcomes: • Identify their preferred communication style and how it relates to others. • Demonstrate effective communication styles with individuals and groups. • Appreciate how understanding communication styles enhances diversity in the workplace. • Evaluate how knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in this course apply to their chosen careers.

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