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For the course project, Coca-Cola is a good case for study. The proposal is good and the coverage should be more focused.

Based on the proposal, we will have 2 more tasks to do. First is the project presentation to be conducted by next Friday, and by the end of Sep, we need to have the project report submitted.

For the Presentation, please forward the outline below and prepare for a 10-12 pages power point slide:

1.    Background of Coca-Cola, and to point out that we will focus in SWOT, Production development with QFD analysis, and Distribution study for Cola’s operation in producing a new product – Coca-Cola Milk.
2.    SWOT
i.    Strength
1.    Strong purchasing power
2.    Good brand
3.    Strong distribution channels and networks
4.    Market leader
5.    Lots of marketing budget
ii.    Weakness
1.    Too little R&D for new product
2.    Product Diversification is weak
3.    Margin will be low
iii.    Opportunity
1.    New market
2.    New location
3.    New product
4.    Customize
iv.    Threat
1.    No innovation
2.    Need decline
3.    Easy to be replaced

3.    After reviewing the SWOT, we should conclude that Cola needs to develop new product and new market, thus we study the operation possibility for Coca-Cola Milk.
4.    Use house of quality (QFD) model (please provide the QFD information in excel format) to see if the product good fit to the market.
i.    Some product characteristics
1.    Resolve thirsty feeling
2.    Good taste
3.    Healthy
4.    Feeling of cool
5.    Feeling of Happiness
6.    Addictive to our Cola Milk
7.    Easy to purchase for customer
ii.    Some customer requirements
1.    Good taste
2.    Resolve thirsty
3.    Feeling cool
4.    Price
5.    Happiness
6.    Easy to buy
7.    Heathly
iii.    Some possible competitors
1.    Nespresso
2.    Pepsi
5.    Study the distribution and location strengths of Cola in operation perspective
6.    After the above study, we have our recommendation to go for launch out the product.
7.    Finally, to mention that for more detailed study, we need to spend the following three weeks to go deeper for the study.

After the presentation, professor will give out comments, and then we can start for the final project paper, and to discuss to you afterwards.


contributing sources). Provide links to direct the employees to additional
information or to the source of a particular tip as needed.

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