Climate refugees’: Do they exist? Is legal reform (in Australia or internationally) needed to address the issue?

| August 22, 2015

1. What you intend to say about topic (argument outline), and how you intend to go about researching it (methodology).
2. A draft structure (i.e. titles of subsections) for research paper.
3. A draft list of a few key sources you intend to rely on, formatted as a short bibliography.
Please fit all of the above into 1 page.
I will get back to you with feedback/guidance.
ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS (should be used after completing research paper outline )
Critical approach
I am looking for your analytical voice in the essays. That is, your own discussion of the salient issues, in which you make reasoned judgments, not just descriptions of what “the authorities” think. You need to make an intervention in the debate. I want to know what
you think, as well as the bases of your considered viewpoint.
Independent research
You must undertake your own research and cite to sources that go beyond any material made available to you.
Range of primary and secondary sources
Regarding the research paper, I expect you to make references to a substantial range of scholarship and primary sources. Please only list items that you have actually read. By
“substantial” I mean at least 20 items (books, chapters, scholarly journal articles,government documents, reports by non-governmental organisations, and so on).
Ultimately, though, you must read as much as necessary for you to address the essay topic to your satisfaction. Focus on primary sources (that is, on the original source, as
opposed to some third party’s recounting of the original source), as well as on reliable secondary sources. Do not rely on Wikipedia! It is not authoritative in itself (because
authorship is unknown).
Marking criteria
In assessing written work I look for demonstrated effort in the following areas:
1. Content
• extent of reading
• accuracy of knowledge
• breadth and depth of knowledge
• relevance of information
• sufficiency of evidence and documentation
• development of legal perspective
2. Understanding
• understanding of problem
• sticking with topic (and not drifting off it)
• judgement of significance of material
• awareness/understanding of different arguments in the readings
• recognition of implications of evidence (avoid tendentious arguments)
• ability to think critically
• grasp of relevant theory
• understanding of ethics and values relevant to the readings and subject matter
3. Independence
• judgement and initiative in reading and research
• originality in use and interpretation of evidence
• development of argument
• independence in use of concepts and language
4. Style
• correctness of grammar, spelling, and scholarly documentation
• organisation and presentation of material
• clarity of writing style
• originality and creativity of writing style

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