cleaning company

| August 21, 2015

cleaning company

Paper details:
the company exist in San Diego downtown, under the name : FAST CLEANER my company gonna be like jani-king company.(cleaning service for commercial offices building, stores… etc) the primary target: the chimerical offices and stores in San Diego downtown, and all the offices exiting in downtown. my second target: the homes and apartments complexes in San Diego downtown. My report should has all the information with the citation, my report should be in scenario, so each point should be relate with the next point. in the point 7 in the next information following, i have financial point each number should be explained from where did we get it. for example, the start-up cost the equipment is for example 20000$ how come did you get this number etc…. and this point is very important in my report. in the market plan, i need the prices for our company services and the i need explain the promotions. make sure the report in APA style as well the tables in APA format. the references should be 100% in APA style. as well the citation after each paragraph should be 100% in APA Style. just make the FONT in Courier New. the 7 point is following, and please make the points as i mention : 1. Mission Statement 2. Legal Structure of Business (name and rationale for choice) 3. Organization Chart including Key Management Positions (with required skillsets – not simply job responsibilities listed separately) 4. Industry Analysis a. Barriers to Entry in the Industry b. Growth/Potential of the Industry 5. Internal Analysis (Anticipated or Actual) a. SWOT Analysis Including TOWS Matrix with a minimum of two identified strategies based on the TOWS. b. Specific Core Competencies (not products or services) c. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 6. Market Analysis a. Target Market (complete description and referenced demographics/quantities) b. Competitive Analysis i. Competitive Profile Matrix ii. Product Positioning Map c. Anticipated Competitive Advantage d. Competitive Intelligence Methodology e. Corporate Social Responsibility (areas, amounts, budgets, rationale, and concerns) f. Marketing Plan (including specific objectives and related marketing and promotions budgets) g. Sales Forecast (monthly basis for first year of operations and annual forecasts for years two through four) 7. Financial Analysis a. Start-Up Costs (with estimate of capital requirements b. Income Statements (both pro-forma and common-sized on a monthly basis for year one, annual basis for years two through four) c. Balance Sheets (opening-day and year-end for four years – total of five: both pro-forma and common-sized) d. Statement of Cash Flow (on a monthly basis for year one, annual basis for years two through four) e. Breakeven analysis (expressed in dollars, must include method, rationale, and result) f. Payback Period including estimates of ARR, IRR, PI, NPV (in addition to showing calculations in the appendices, provide explanation of the result in the narrative) g. Ratio Analysis including current, quick, turnover of cash, debt/equity, return on sales, return on assets, return on investment, inventory turnover, fixed asset turnover, gross margin, average collection period (as applicable) (in addition to showing calculations in the appendices, provide explanation of each of the results in the narrative) i will attach the my syllabus. and if you need any help you can read it. please do your best because its final project for MBA and i don’t have time. if you need any question to explain, you can send me message.

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