Christianity Part 2: Martin Luther

| April 29, 2014

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The writer must be familiar with Martin Luther or have time to watch the videos.
The original writer did not answer all the questions. Please read the questions below and rewrite the paper to include accurate responses. Also please note that the tone of the paper should reflect that of a deist who does find some value in religion, but thinks there are more efficient ways to dealing with our problems. And I do not believe in predestination.

1) Watch the following video “Empires: Martin Luther” available as Instant Play on Netflix or at this link:
Part 1
Part 2
2) Answer the questions below and post them to this discussion board.
How did Luther’s personal experiences help shape him into the person who would stand up to the church? Do you agree with Luther’s assessment of the Roman Catholic Church at the time? If you were writing a novel or a screenplay about the history of Christianity, what would be the major plot points? How did the church evolve into such a diverse group of different views? What was Luther’s role? Do you think the diversity is a strength or a weakness? What about the idea of predestination? Is it a possibility? A probability?
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Category: Religion and Theology

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