| April 21, 2014

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Important information for this paper: Choreography
Book that needs to be the basis of this research synthesis paper is Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form & Entertainment by author: Nora Ambrosio. Please use this book as one of the sources.
I need this paper to have emotion of the writer while writing about this subject. Thanks!
Final Module-Paper. The JU Library resources it will no longer be a requirement only a recommendation. The subject is open to the student’s selection but cannot replicate a Biography paper. While the options for the paper subject ideas begin in this book on page 183 the topic is completely open. While seeming vague it is meant to be an exploration of any subject you found interesting along your readings. The biggest reminder is that this paper should be more of a researched synthesis term paper and less of a simple compare and contrast or extended biography paper. I hope this information helps with clarification.
Research synthesis term paper will be 4 pages typewritten with 1” margins. A detailed explanation of this assignment and selection of the topic can be found on the module entitled Final. Name and assignment will be presented in a format of the student’s choice (title pager or header). Content of the paper will include research of the chosen topic, video viewings, and a minimum of five sources. Wikipedia is not a credible source.
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