China and Mao leadership

| August 25, 2015

China and Mao leadership

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Mao Zedong what has he done since 1949 to 1976 to china and his policies leadership and politics internal and external? (academic references only)

just to set the pace and give an idea about what is required i wrote a small summary:

The CCP was part of a fight against the Japanese but they spent most of their efforts engaged in a civil war fighting the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang). Mao introduced decades of chaos and autarky and famine and he seriously retarded development, but he also built a personality cult around himself and is to this day revered as a nationalist hero. His greatest projects were the Great Leap Forward (in which about 30 million people starved to death in the late 1950s/early 1960s) and the Cultural Revolution (which instituted a reign of terror and brought the country to a standstill from 1966-1977). And then he died leaving a power vacuum, which was filled a few years later by Deng Xiaoping

what he did to and for China and how he left it. Including the intense centralisation and personalisation of power (which was a lot of what the Cultural Revolution was about)

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